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Happy (Belated) Birthday SAM!

I know you're a little angry that we're late on the birthday wishes, Antonio. I can only apologize profusely and beg you to bottle up that feeling and unleash it on Dirk the next time the Spurs play the Mavs.

So Happy Birthday, Big Man! Enjoy your second year with the Spurs and relax for the playoffs, knowing that help in the form of a Brazilian is coming. I'm glad you'll be back, as you're one of the good guys of this world.

Antonio Keithflen McDyess was born in Quitman, Mississippi, on September 7, 1974. He played his college ball at Alabama, and was drafted in 1995 by the Clippers. Fortunately (for him), the Clips traded SAM to the Nuggets, where he became a bright spot for those fans in the depths of NBA hell, averaging a 20-10 in several seasons.

Unfortunately, you then suffered a nasty knee injury in 2001 that put you out of commission for awhile. But you persevered, rehabilitated several times, and eventually landed with the Pistons, reinventing your game and becoming a valuable addition. Then, we of Spursdom were blessed when you decided to join the other graybeards in your namesake city. ;) On behalf of everyone at PtR, we're glad you're here and look forward to even more of the following!

Don't think so, "Jet".