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Spurs Media Day (updated 3:58 PM)

After the jump, I'll be updating with Spurs media day information.

Includes: Audio, pictures, and official roster.

It's Dice's turn for some green screen. #GoSpursGo


Media day underway @tp9network getting some photos taken. #GoSpursGo

  • Spurs add SF Bobby Simmons --Hurt most of last year-- Last healthy season (08-09') shot 45% from 3 in 262 attempts-- Career 40% 3 pnt.sniper - ReigningBlack (Confirmed by J McDonald)
  • Tim Duncan media day audio (click here) (Courtesy of
    • Doing different things. Staying off legs and knees. Finding alternative ways to work out.
    • Gained a few extra pounds, thought he was too light last year.
    • Jokes about TP joining a 3rd division league, scoring 50 a game. He doesn't see any actual indication of TP leaving.
    • Its great having TP/Manu not having to work this summer. It will reflect in the upcoming year.
    • Happy that small tweaks were made.
    • Anxious to see what Tiago can do. Pop has not allowed him to work on the floor in camp, wants him to rest.
    • Duncan made a point to watch Tiago in the FIBA games; he wanted to see what he can do.
    • Going to let Tiago bring what he can to the table; let him learn along the way.
    • We're a better team than we were last year. We're right in the mix.
  • Richard Jefferson media day audio (click here)
    • I played one style of basketball the majority of my career; I had to work on areas where I could be successful. Learn where I could contribute better.
    • Spent a lot of Chad and Pop. All of them helped me quite a bit. I went into this off season knowing where I wanted to work.
    • George Hill, Gee, Temple were out here working with us. It wasn't just me.
    • Opted out because of new CBA. Never been a free agent before, wanted to come back.
    • Went to World Cup in South Africa; Was glad to avoid what the media had to say.
    • I don't believe projections have ever won a championship. (on Miami)
  • George Hill media day audio (click here)
    • I think Tiago is going to be a great addition once Tiago knows what his role will be.
    • Worked on my floater during the summer; worked on the 3 outside of the corner.
    • We let the Spurs fans down last year. We're hungry this year for a title
    • He's a professional; I think he wont let that get to him (on TP contract year)
    • I can use TP as a tool to get better
  • Manu and Tony media day audio (click here)
    • Kids are doing good
    • I'm very optimistic as always--Not as good as the Lakers (ouch, Manu)
    • We should have a better and stronger start than last year.
    • I think TP is going to stay.
    • Haven't felt this great since 07-08 season.
    • I think we have a shot (at a title); no body is that much better than us.
    • I trust this organization and talent--I have always felt a chance to win.
    • We have to be patient with Tiago--he needs time to adjust to refs, Pop
    • Confident in second string; thinks they look great. Mentions Gee, Blair, Hill
    • I didn't agree with the way he did it (regarding LeBron ESPN circus)
    • Glad to not have to go through free agency this summer.
    • TP:
    • Had a great summer; glad to have the rest
    • Worked on body; got stronger. Got chef and diet coach; worked with Chip on free throws
    • I want to stay focused on this season.
    • I want to stay here. I've said it before--no body listens to me. Media tries to sell stories
    • I have had plenty of conversations with Manu regarding free agency
    • Had a good private talk with Pop--we're on the same page.
    • I think [this roster] is more hungry. We have a better bench. I like our chances
  • Coach Pop media day audio (click here)
    • Found out we needed a better bench in Phx series
    • We're expecting a professional (of Tiago). Hopefully be a rotation player. Theoretically that could help TD but we'll have to wait and see.
    • James Anderson is ready to go. He's not in very good shape, but he is healthy and will have to get in shape. Right now, I don't know where he fits.
    • Knows TP will approach this season professionally (in regards to free agency)
    • I don't think I'll say much that will confuse him (Tiago adjusting)
    • TP and Hill will play a lot together on the court--they fit well.
  • RC media day audio (click here)
    • We wouldn't comment in whether we were or were not in talks of contracts with TP.
    • Editors note: RC and Pop did not seem very warm to the media today.
  • Kirk Penney not at media day: He still has FIBA business, but he is in town and expected to sign this week at some point.

.@ManuGinobili is holding court with the media. #GoSpursGo

Manu: "Done w media day and physicals! We r ready! Here's a pic of the new jersey. "


Manu: "Now is turn for the rookies @tiagosplitter and JamesAnderson to do pics and media"


Spurs officially release roster, includes James Gist,Thomas Gardner, Bobby Simmons and Marcus Cousin.

Kirk Penney is not on the training camp roster...unofficial word is FIBA contract issues, but we'll see