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The more things change...

It was a link from ESPN's True Hoop blog (back when there was just the one) that first brought me to PtR, during the Spurs-Suns series in '07. I didn't get around to finally joining the discussion until just before the '08 playoffs. During all that time, a couple of guys named Powell and Stampler were running things, and I remember checking the site every day, just in case they had posted something new. Man, did those guys write some enjoyable stuff about the Spurs.

Around March of '09, Powell decided he'd had enough blogging, and Wayne Vore stepped out from behind his AusTechSpur cloak of anonymity to take over PoundingtheRock. Almost immediately afterwards (slight exaggeration) Manu's season ended from of a stress fracture in his ankle. I'm virtually positive that the two events had nothing to do with each other.

Under Wayne's leadership, PtR has grown into the site we all know and love. His Summer League coverage in '09 was an example of tireless blogging that I still marvel over. The contacts in the Spurs organization that he has cultivated have given him a unique perspective on the game, and I'm a more educated fan for having read his posts over the last 18 months.

But it seems that it's time for yet another change in management for PtR. Wayne has decided to step down, and now it falls on me to direct the site you come to for all your Manu loving San Antonio Spurs News. I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to the new season where there will be things to discuss that are more enjoyable than saying goodbye au revoir to WVATS.

Best of luck on your next venture, Wayne. Don't be a stranger.