Rename the New Jersey Nets Contest


Apparently, the owner of a team has to give notice to the NBA 25 months in advance of any change to the team's nickname, uniform, or city name. (I guess the Lakers' and Jazz' notices got lost in the mail, lol) The timing is consistent with the Nets' planned move to Brooklyn, but I don't know if they'll simply keep their nickname or not. Brooklyn Nets sound oddly non-alliterative, but no one complains about the Sacramento Kings or the LA Clippers -- well, of course all their fans complain, just not about their team's nickname not having repeating consonants! Still, in for a penny, in for a pound, I say. Though I think it'd be very sad to see the name of one of the former ABA teams disappear entirely, maybe it's time for a fresh start. So with that in mind, what do you think could/should be the name of the new team in Brooklyn? We can use rec's to vote, and the winner will receive a great prize... the admiration and envy of his fellow PtR'rs! I'll offer a few suggestions to get started: * Brooklyn Babushkas (in honor of their Russian owner, though I don't think he or his players would appreciate being called grandmothers) * Brooklyn Bears (maybe a better choice to honor the new owner) * Brooklyn Bangers (the league probably wouldn't approve this one) * Brooklyn Ballers (or this one) * Brooklyn Beasts (but they better not try to steal DeBeast) * New York Nots (as in not really in NYC, and more importantly not the Knicks) Oh, and get your NJ Nets collectors items while they last, folks! Edit: Don't forget to use rec's to vote! :)