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Free Agency, Parte Tres: The Dominoes are Starting to Fall

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Per Marc Stein, the NBA's salary cap for the 2010-11 season has now officially been set by the NBA at just over $58 million, nearly $2 million higher than expected. A quick glance at ShamSports is enough to find out that the Spurs are nearly $4 million below that number without Richard Jefferson. What does this mean for the pursuit of free agents?

Absolutely nothing. But, it does mean that Peter Holt will most likely avoid paying the luxury tax during the upcoming season, since the tax line is actually being raised from $69.9M to $70.3M. Now that the numbers are known, the Spurs need to be making that offer to Tiago ASAP. With that in mind, the MLE is $5.7 million.

The other two free agency threads are over 400 comments each, so let's move the discussion here for the sake of avoiding big lag times.

Free Agency commitments so far:

Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh -> Miami Heat

Carlos Boozer -> Chicago Bulls

Amare Stoudemire -> New York Knicks

Joe Johnson -> Atlanta Hawks

Dirk Nowitzki -> Dallas Mavericks

Lebron James -> Lebron James

And a bunch of smaller names that have signed all over the map.


Also, someone needs to tell DeJuan Blair to get some better friends.


Just got done talkin wit my BIg BRoThEr Amare Im happy for him hopefully one day I get a deal like that hard work imma #grind till I get it!