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2010 NBA Free Agentpalooza - Part Dois


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What we've learned:

  • Barney is signable, albeit a little "Too soft"
  • Bringing up politics is (and always will be) a bad thing here at PtR
  • The only thing worse than waiting for your child to be born, is if you're a Clippers fan waiting for your illegitimate child to be born.
  • G-State restricted free agent Anthony Morrow has slew of interest, including Spurs, Celtics, Lakers, Blazers, Clips and Jazz, sources say.
    • The Warriors new logo is weird.
    • Memphis is batshit insane, signing Rudy Gay to a 5yr/$81.6 million contract..
    • Spurs have sent interest to Matt Bonner, Bonner has shown interest in return (aww)
    • RJ wants to go back to the NYC area (Nets not interested, according to one report)
    • Olf said something really boring that no one cares about
    • Grizzlies waive Lester Hudson. Again, I have no idea who that is or what it means.
    • T'Wolves trying to screw with the Spurs by signing Nikola Pekovic to 3yr/$13 million contract
    • Raptors join insane list by signing Amir Johnson to 5yr/$34 million deal
    • Suns thought the insanity list seemed fun, so they signed Channing Frye to 5yr/$30 million deal.
    • Rockets interested in S&T'ing Scola, Ariza AND Battier for either Bosh or Am''''a'r'e''''
    • Suns drink too much A to Z Wine, sign Hakim Warrick 4yr/$18 million deal
    • Knicks interested in S&T, but not with the Suns.

Still nothing on my Tiagohalo_small_medium Brazilian Lover Tiagohalo_small_medium