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Celebrating Creativity: The PtR Fun Pages

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Newsweek had a very thought-provoking article on the decline of creativity in America (h/t to jrw). Thank goodness that's not an issue at PtR. From PEN's otstanding Ginobili vs. Dracula series to transgojobot's most excellent chops to Hipuks' visionary wallpapers to Cedarpark's enthusiastic embracing of the DTOUR concept to completely deck's stalkerish tendencies, there has been so much great content produced by PtRers over the year(s) that I unfortunately am unable to reference it all. Just know that we appreciate your work - why else would we collectively spend so much time on a sports blog?

So, our resident grammartician, jrw, has been bugging me to update the Nicknames Dictionary. Granted, I haven't done this since the playoffs, but you would think that someone who took over 5 years to finish The Lexicon could cut me a little slack. However, this got me to thinking about the need to update all of the PtR Fun Pages. (For those of you who are new to the site, do yourself a favor and scroll on down until you see "PtR Fun Pages" in the left margin. Clicking on these pages will enlighten you as to why we are the way we are.)

The seeds of the Nickname Dictionary really started with the use of the Mango Tree nickname for Brent Barry. Being a non-Texan, I had no idea that HEB existed, much less their awesome Spurs' commercials. That was how I discovered the brilliance of PtRers. So, when JRW later asked for help in putting together the Nickname Dictionary, I jumped at the opportunity.

Unfortunately now that I'm ready to update the page, I discover I am not the note taker that JRW is. So rather than spend the time going through the various comment threads, I'm asking for PtR community to do my work for me. This is your time to give your opinion (and we all know that everyone at PtR always has one). Please submit your favorite nicks and the associated links in the comments and the best ones will be added to the Official PtR Nickname Dictionary. JRW would also love any input for The Lexicon and the Quotes page. Heck, if you have any suggestions for the Fun Pages, speak up! Let us know what your warped minds are concocting!

P.S. Totally off-topic, but I went to the King Tut exhibit Friday afternoon at the Denver Art Museum. Do yourself a favor - if you're in the Denver area between now and January, GO! It's quite amazing and well worth the ticket price.