We gotta choose one.

Tony Parker or George Hill?

Both have one year left on their contracts. Both are exciting talents. Both cannot be signed. Time to trade one now, and my vote is Parker.

There has never been a better time to secure some young talent in the position that has been a gaping hole since our main man in the bow tie on ESPN left our team. Teams have cleared cap space in the search for a new King and have come up short. Fans are gutted, GMs are desperate. One team in particular is ripe for the picking. The Knicks are more willing than ever to pick up one more 'Star'.

First of all, I'm all about loyalty. Tony Parker put his head down and stuck to it amid all those Kidd rumors a few years ago. TP has played his heart out for the Spurs every year. He's got three rings, time to move on. His main attribute, speed, is faltering. He plays with blinders on. My shot first, you'll get yours next. I'm done. I want my point guard to be able to shoot the three. I want my point guard to be a pass first guy.

George Hill plays alot like Tony Parker. The only thing Parker has over Hill, is experience. Hill is faster. Hill can shoot the three. Hill can rebound. Hill is a better defender. Hill has alot more years left in him. But most importantly, Hill is a little less selfish. AND he's still learning.

Tony Parker is a good fit for the Knicks. The Knicks are a good fit for Tony Parker. Amare wants him there, and I'd say their new 100 mil signing holds some sway in the decision making process, however disastrous that sounds. There are 4 guys currently on the Knicks squad that if I'm RC, I'm interested in. From highest value to least, Anthony Randolph (PF), Danilo Gallinari(SF), Wilson Chandler(SG/SF) and Toney Douglas(PG). The first two are top tier targets. I'd trade Parker for those two straight up, any day of the year. However, I wouldn't trade Parker for Chandler and Douglas.

I'm sure there will be many people out there who think we should trade Parker for All-Star talent. I'm sorry, but Parker isn't an All-Star talent anymore. Parker might be at best the 7th or 8th best point guard in the league now, but in two years, when Duncan's retiring and Manu's in his last year, Parker won't have the speed to be even close to the top ten.

Randolph is a huge talent. He's been in Don Nelson's dog house for as long as I can remember. In 22 minutes a game this guy manages close to 11.6 pts, 6.5 brds, 1.5 blks AND he shoots 80% from the line. He has a PER rating of 18.7. He's still only 20 years old! We have to sign him this year before he plays one regular season game in D'Antoni's system or else no-one will be able to afford him.

Gallinari is a shooter, a sharp-shooter at that. He's tall, young and will only continue to develop. I think he'll be very hard to pry from the Knicks grasp. This guy shoots almost 40% from the 3, pulls down 5 boards a game and would be oh so valuable to the Spurs on offence and defence. A 6ft10 mobile SF would be valuable on any team, but against the Lakers, it could be the telling difference.

Scratch all of the above! I just saw Raymond Felton on their roster. GODDAMN IT!

Richard Jefferson Sign and Trade? Sniff sniff T.T

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