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Project Splitter: Phase 1


Tiago Splitter is a 6'10" 245 pound, 13pt/5reb, Euroleague MVP. His rights were drafted in 2007 by the San Antonio Spurs. But after many expensive contract offers by Euroleague teams, Tiago has been merely a tease. Buzz has been that Tiago will finally come over to join the Spurs this off season. Help us help the Spurs front office by showing Tiago how much we need him.

If you do not know much about Tiago, please read bj1der's excellent writeup on him.

His Euroleague stats page

His Wikipedia entry

What I am asking from you, PtR readers, is to help me compose the ultimate bribe article to Tiago. I will be purchasing a domain name to forward to a finalized edition of a story here on PtR. I would like your help writing the blurbs, and I would like to hit the following subjects:

  • Why come to San Antonio?
    • Include any YouTube videos promoting awesome Spursage™ including, but not limited to, Memorial Day Miracle, Manu's near horizontal layup against the playoffs against the Suns, Timmeh's three pointer in the same game, etc etc etc.
    • The Spurs fans in general are a class of their own. We can out cheer and out support any Euroleague arena at the AT&T Center any day. Things like that.
    • Team mates, coaching staff.
  • What's in it for him?
    • Potential ring
    • Being on a worldwide stage, not just Europe.
    • Bribes

If any of you can help contribute blurbs, YouTube videos (by yourself or anyone else), Photoshopped images, whatever it may be, contribute them below. Please keep them positive (no trolling) and help me get this beast of a basketball player in silver and black.

The deadline for submissions into the story is on June 11th