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Draft Day Thread: No, we don't have anything better to do


Hello? Is this thing working?

UPDATED: Since trades/rumors are coming from every direction, I thought we needed a poll.

After multiple discussion threads and numerous rumors, all of us are still in the dark as to what the Spurs are going to do in the Draft. Short of trading the pick for a vineyard, nothing RC and Pop do will surprise me. Of course, as I type this, I realize that's probably going to happen - the FO will do something outside the box that will at least surprise the "experts". Fortunately for us, they've got a great track record.

Televised coverage of the Draft starts at 6 pm Spurs time on ESPN. However, that doesn't prevent us from talking about it ad nauseam for the entire day. This is the place to discuss the rumors that will invariably be flying (but please provide links). At the very least join us tonight for a real time discussion, PtR-style. Until then, entertain yourself by reading the mock draft at Free Darko.


Draft Express will have a live blog and update their draft board as the picks come in.

ESPN should have a live draftcast as well, but it's not up yet.