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Yet Another DTOUR, in which we hate Slovenia

First of all, congratulations to the Lakers, for earning their first asterisk. Yes, I'm bitter. Basketball is over for a few months, and it ended in the worst possible outcome(shut up, olf). But, there is the potential for US-based Spurs fans to feel a bit better this morning. First, a relaxing view of the country whose dreams we must crush today.

Looks innocent enough... but Beno and Rasho are from there.

Yeah, I'm sure Pop travelled there just to recruit Rasho 7 years ago. It totally wasn't for the scenery or the wineries. Pop is completely uninterested in travel for those reasons... especially the wine.

World Cup

Germany vs. Serbia || 6:30 AM Spurs Time

Sucks for Serbia.

USA vs. Slovenia || 9:00 AM Spurs Time

Slovenia is actually leading the group right now, so this is a must-win for the Yanks, since England is very unlikely to lose their match. Who does Slovenia think they are, anyway? We must break them. Crushing their spirit would be nice, too. Bottom line: if the US doesn't win this game, they probably won't be going to the round of 16. An early exit would just suck.

If any Slovene folks read this site, I'm just joking around - Slovenia has always been a place that I thought would be cool to visit. But I do want your country to lose today.

England vs. Algeria || 1:30 PM Spurs Time

Sucks for Algeria.