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Spurs Summer League Roster Speculation

First, Tim C. fanshot'ed our summer league schedule, and then TDzilla! fanshot'ed Jeff McDonald saying Blair would be too busy with his offseason training to participate. That got me to thinking about who will be on our roster...

Who Won't Be Playing

It makes sense for Blair. There is also no way Hill plays this year. He has nothing to prove or needs to work on in the Summer League setting. We are also loaded with guys who can play the 1 and the 2. Summer League is obviously below Splitter. I don't see Nando or Gist coming over this year for Summer League.

My Spurs Summer League Lineup

PG: Jerrells
SG: Temple
SF/PF: Hairston/20th Draft Pick
C: Mahinmi re-signed?

Bench: Gee, Marcus Williams, Squeaky Johnson, Basden, Luke Bonner, 2nd round pick, and a couple undrafted guys

Comments, Analysis, and Additional Options for the Line-up

Squeaky was on the team last year and was excellent for the Toros in the playoffs. I don't ever see him in a Spurs jersey, but he is a smart pick to put on a team like this. He seems like the de facto leader of the Toros and you can trust him to run the offense when Jerrells or Temple are on the bench or want to play the 2.

Luke Bonner doesn't seem ready, but the team needs some size. He played in all 6 Toros playoff games like McClure, but I gave Bonner the edge because of his height. Depending on the non-Spurs system and undrafted guys we go after, McClure and/or Underwood could be on the team too.

As a Longhorn homer, I'd like to see the Spurs give Connor Atchley a shot. I think he would fit in great. He blocks and rebounds better than Matt Bonner and is good enough with his shot to create some space for Duncan or Blair. He obviously isn't as good as Bonner right now, but he is cheaper.

It also wouldn't shock me in the least for our 20th pick to come off the bench like Blair did and start Gee or Williams. You could even start both of them at the F's and push Hairston to SG. Then you pick Jerrells or Temple as your 6th man.

Did I miss anyone? Is there anyone who is likely to be undrafted you think we should go after? Is there anyone in the D League not on the Toros you think we should pursue? Put them in the comments.


This team is going to want to run and gun. I don't see anyone being able to stop us in transition. This team is going to create havoc and enjoy it. I also see them being highly capable of shooting themselves out of a game without an offensive rebounding presence to bail them out.

The lack of bigs is really a glaring issue. I have Mahinmi as our starter and he might not even be a Spur. Maybe the Spurs will be more confident in Gee, Williams, Hairston, Basden, and Temple to back up RJ next year over Damion James, Stanley Robinson, etc. and will go after a 6'10"+ PF/C with the 20th pick. Possible options could be: Whiteside, Alabi, Orton, Sanders or Seraphin. Even with Splitter, one of these guys could help.