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The Dishes Are Done Man

Yeah, that's what this season has come to. I'm stealing lines from "Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's dead".

On a night like tonight, it's all I've got. In order to undermine whatever credibility I might have had, I'll tell this bit from tonight. With a minute left in the third quarter, Goran Dragic hit a 3-pointer for his first points of the game to cut the Spurs lead to 3. I said out loud, "Wow. Big shot. I didn't think he had it in him."


The Slovenian Sleep Floyd

Whoever bet on Goran Dragic coming up with 23 points in the fourth quarter made a killing in Vegas. The man bedazzled. I've never seen anything like it. He hit that shot in the third, then just went insane in the fourth. He scored on George. He scored on Tony. He scored on Tim. He scored on DeJuan. He scored on my mother. He scored on my father -- RIP. He scored on, well, all 18,000 people in the arena. The guy was magical. I can't really say any more than that.

Let the record show that Goran Dragic put a stake in the heart of the Suns doppelganger.

More Of The Same

Tonight was just more of the same of everything we saw all year. Inconsistent execution. Inability to protect a lead. Not enough people playing well. Craptastic free throw shooting. A bunch of guys who looked like they weren't quite healthy enough to be explosive.

Our offense has relied more on ball movement than the ability of our guys to beat their man. Generally, this is a good thing. But, you still need people that can blow by their guys. We didn't have that. We got very few easy points.

Yes, I Think We Are Done

No, I don't think we'll be the first team to come back from an 0-3 deficit. Why? Because Tony is hurt. He had x-rays tonight on his right arm and looked like he was in pain. I'm not sure when he hurt himself or what he did, but you could tell in the last minute of the game that he didn't have anything. Even if he isn't injured bad enough to keep him out of the game, he won't be healthy enough to dominate. And right now, we'd need some guys to dominate.