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Spurs @ Suns: Game 2 Thread

It's fairly obvious who needs to have a better game for us today.


Actually, yesterday was George's b-day. So, happy belated b-day, George. I guess I'll have to lay off you this time, but it sure would be nice if you could have an impact tonight. Anyway... who else can we blame for Monday night's loss?

Oh, right. Where's the RJ from this photo?

Remember, don't break Rule #1. I'm in a good mood; don't be responsible for making me cranky.

Also, you can visit our counterparts at Bright Side of the Sun, but don't be trollish.

Probable Starters

San Antonio Spurs

Phoenix Suns
George Hill PG Steve Nash
Manu Ginobili SG Jason Richardson
Richard Jefferson SF Grant Hill
Tim Duncan PF A'm'a'r'e Stoudemire
Antonio McDyess C Jarron Collins
Tony Parker
Matt Bonner
Leandro Barbosa
Jared Dudley


Joey Crawford Minion #1 Minion #2

Key Matchup

Role Players/Bench: Come on, guys... show up. Err, bench guys not named Tony, show up.

Key to the Game

Transition Game: Simply put, if we can execute our offense efficiently, the Suns won't have as many transition opportunities, and we dominate them in the half court set. Conversely, if we get out on the break and run against this Suns team, their much lauded "defense" won't know what hit them.

Final Note

Please don't post any illegal feed links here. Spurs Radio is here if you want to listen to the game. If that's not working, or if you're looking for a video feed in your area, email us at