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DTOUR 5/18/10: Of Conference Finals games and ping pong balls

So, that team that stomped our Spurs out of the playoffs really got stomped last night, huh? Don't worry, there's more basketball tonight. Orlando and Boston go head to head tonight for game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Can Dwight look like a talented big man, or a one-dimensional player with no offensive game? Can the Celts' older stars keep turning back the clock? We'll find out a little more tonight.

But wait, there's more!

The NBA draft lottery is tonight. Obviously, the Spurs won't be in the running for the top pick(stupid Spurs, always making the damned playoffs), but here's who will, and their chances:

New Jersey Nets 25.0%
Minnesota Timberwolves 19.9%
Sacramento Kings 15.6%
Golden State Warriors 11.9%
Washington Wizards 8.8%
Philadelphia 76ers 6.3%
Detroit Pistons 4.3%
Los Angeles Clippers 2.8%
Utah Jazz (via Knicks) 1.7%
Indiana Pacers 1.1%
New Orleans Hornets 0.8%
Memphis Grizzlies 0.7%
Toronto Raptors 0.6%
Houston Rockets 0.5%

There's a lot of teams in there I'd like to NOT have the first pick(Houston, Memphis, Utah), but who do you guys think deserves it? I'd go with Philly - they need something good to happen for them.

Remember, the spirit of the DTOUR is for us to talk about anything and everything. So if there's something on your mind, whether it relates to basketball or not, fire away in the comments.