Trade rumor thread

The other day Holt or Bufford said that the trade rumors surrounding Tony were not internally generated. Meaning the Spurs FO had not discussed trading Tony and that the rumors were unfounded and generated by unreliable sources. I'm just as unreliable and not in the know as anyone else so lets have some fun and start some trade rumors.

Lets get this clear; I am not one who thinks we should trade Tony Parker. He's a finals MVP, a perennial all-star, and no one drives to the lane with a world class dramatic interpretation of Being Shot like Tony. He's our guy. But just for kicks lets pretend he isn't all that and a bag of baguettes. Here are some trades with Tony Parker as the center piece.

Trade Scenario 1

Spurs trade Tony Parker and Matt Bonner (sign and trade) to the Charlotte Bobcats for Gerald Wallace and DJ Augustin.

Gerald would allow Pop to play small ball but really it wouldn't down size our lineup any more than we already do when Bonner is in. Who can Bonner guard that Wallace can not? Exactly. And on the offensive end Wallace can stretch the D with this outside shot, not to mention his slashing and finishing abilities. Obviously Augustin is a down grade from Parker but you have to give to get. Augustin is a perfect back up PG and his defense is stellar. I love watching the entire Bobcats team get after it on defense actually. Besides Gerald Wallace's head-band, this trade feels good. Assuming we do get Tiago and provided this trade, the 2011 Spurs would be a defensive juggernaut.

Trade Scenario 2

Spurs trade Tony Parker and Matt Bonner (sign and trade) to the Atlanta Hawks for Marvin Williams and Zaza Pachulia and2010 1st round pick.

If we get Tiago then this trade would be bunk. But at the wildly unexpected chance that Tiago decides to stay in Europe then this trade is good. With Marvin Williams we add talented athleticism to our front court and a three and D player. With Zaza we add toughness, youth, and length. Zaza is just one of those guys who screams Spur to me. At least the Spurs of old. When someone starts dunking, strutting, yapping, Zaza bucks up and says, "STFU" in his native tongue which I can only assume is really scary. This trade would leave us very thin at Guard but with two first roundpicks I'm sure we'd find two guys more than capable.

Trade Scenario 3

Spurs trade Tony Parker and Antonio McDyess to the Toronto Raptors for Chris Bosh (sign and trade) and Marco Belinelli.

Some of you have a real problem with giving Bosh a max contract deal. And I can see the thinking there. But the fact is we're going to have to over pay in free agency at some point or get lucky with drafting another Tim Duncan or David Robinson if we expect to be competitive. Under Timmeh's tutorship Bosh can become the best big in the game. Just like the Twin Tower days, a Duncan and Bosh front court will be hell for opponents. And on top of that we add a pure shooter who looks like Rocky Balboa. Fuck yeah.

Trading Richard Jefferson is a sticky situation. For one his contract is very large, like that of a whale's penis. Secondly his value(right now) is lower than his actual worth and this is a tough sale to other GM's. But in the right system RJ is a productive player and so let's assume we can convince a GM or two that he's worth the 15 million that he's due next year. Keep in mind that to get rid of Jefferson's overpaid arse we would likely have to take on someone else who is overpaid. Here are some trades with Richard Jefferson as the Center piece.

Trade scenario 1

Spurs trade Richard Jefferson and Ian Mahinmi (sign and trade) and 2010 2nd round pick for Kelenna Azubuike (sign and trade) and Andrins Biedrins.

This trade is also assuming we do not get Tiago. Biedrins is wonderful. He is a great rebounder, good shot blocker, his FG% is always up at 60%, and he is a terrible FT shooter. Everything we could ever ask for in a Spurs center. His contract is a tad high (9 mil) but he's a true center and only 23 years old so you would expect a high price tag. Kelenna Azubuike is a bit undersized at SF(6'5) but makes up for it with amazine athleticism. As Stampler once put it, Azubuike jumps like he's got a rocket up his ass. Not sure if the second round pick would be enough of a throw in to get this deal done, or maybe the rights to one of our oversees prospects, besides Splitter, would be enough. This trade is Golden (state).

Trade scenario 2

Three team deal: Spurs get Luol Deng (CHI) and Travis Outlaw (sign and trade, LAC). Bulls get Dejuan Blair (SA) andRichard Jefferson (SA). Clippers get Kirk Hinrich (CHI).

This one is wild but it works. Assuming we land Tiago our front line rotation would be Duncan, Splitter, McDyess and Bonner. Not bad at all. Basically swapping Blair for Tiago. Our wing position is where we upgrade tremendously with Outlaw and Deng. We'd certainly be long and athletic andwe'd clear some cap space. How much would be determined on whatever Outlaw signs for but we'd probably save around 2 mil. Why would the two other teams do this deal? Well for the Clips, Hinrich is simply better than Outlaw. Do they have a need for another PG with Biddy in town? Well both Baron and Kirk are capable of playing the 2 so it could work. Also the Clips have the cap room to absorb Kirks contract. The Bulls would be taking a risk here by giving up two very good players but they get RJ who, as I said earlier, is a productive player in the right system and a young stud in Blair. Not to mention they clear around 4 million in cap space to bolster there chances of landing Chicago's second favorite son, Dwayne Wade. Crazier things have happened.

Explosion trade

Spurs get, Andre Iguodala, Samuel Dalembert, Jrue Holiday and Thadeus Young. 76ers get Tony Parker, Richard Jefferson, Dujan Blair and2010 1st round draft pick.

If for whatever reason we decide that this team isn't going to cut it and we need to blow it all up, then this is the trade for us. At PG we down grade but in every other position we improve by leaps and bounds. Manu could come off the bench again with out a worry, Timmeh would again have a true center lined up with him and our wings would be video game like with athleticism between Iggy, Young and Hairston. I'm not in favor of blowing this team but it was fun just to try it once.

Alright folks, your turn. Let your imaginations run wild like hungry Wolfe's. Feel free to quote an anonymous source when presenting your trade rumor as it will give you future credibility if, by luck, the trade does actually happen. And just because I'm in a generous mood, if your trade(s) starts to leak out into other more unreliable inter web sources, I'll make sure you are given a free life time PtR membership. PtR, where trade rumors happen.

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