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Spurs @ Suns Quick-cap

This game sucked. SEGABABA's suck. THIGAFONI's suck. The Suns suck. I'm posting this quick-cap to give us a place to vent.

No pictures. Hardly no formatting. Just getting it done. There is content though. I think it's worth reading.

3 Keys to Losing

1. 18 Turnovers: Duncan and RJ each with 4 lead the team.

2. Poor three point shooting (6 of 25): Mason was 4 of 9. The rest of the team was 2 of 16. RJ took 5 3's, 4 too many.

3. Poor free throw shooting (17 of 28): Duncan and RJ were both 4 of 7.

Your 3 White Dwarfs

1. Tony Parker: Gets a slight pass for coming back from injury. 5 of 10 from the field for 10 points with 5 assists and 3 rebounds. He also only had 2 of our 18 turnovers in his 25 minutes of play. That is acceptable.

2. Blair: 6 points and 8 rebounds in 15 minutes

3. Temple: I thought he was set up for a huge letdown after starting so good last game, but no, he delivered again. 11 points and 2 rebounds in 23 minutes. He also had 3 turnovers but he is a rookie. He was second on the team in +/- at +6 too.

Random Things and Stuff

I think we got spurred. They let Mason shoot and he lead us in scoring with 18. He also lead us in negative +/- with a -18. That's frustrating. Watching him make his shots was nice though.

Bonner missed 2 good three point attempts.

Manu had an off night and possibly hurt his elbow. I expected more with the news of his contract breaking the same day. Manu earned a bad night though. His assists and turnovers were still good though. Temple shot 4 of 9, but every Spur other than him and Manu (5 of 14) shot 50% or better.

I'd love to blame our defense for this one, but it was really our offensive execution. If we didn't turn it over, our transition D wouldn't have been so tested on a back to back. The Suns are a great transition team too so it's like giving candy to the baby....super easy.

RJ's 4th quarter turnovers were inexcusably bad. Shame on you, RJ.

Don't make too much of this game. Denver and Dallas both won last night.

We rebounded awesome. If you want to take anything away from this game about a potential playoff matchup, know we will dominate them on the boards.

Hill, I miss you.

Tony, keep playing, I can see it coming back. Thank FSM you came back sooner than later though.