Spurs win big 100-81, manage to contain Sasha Vujacic

Don't it call it a comeback!

We've been here for years

Rockin' our peers

Puttin' players in fear

Makin' the threes rain down like a monsoon

Listen to the Pop go boom

Contusion! Overpowerin'

Over the competition, we're Manuing

Teams shock

When we drop the BAM

That'll make you call the cops

Don't you dare Blair

You Betta fish

Don't ever compare

Us to the rest

They'll all get pick and rolled

Competition's gonna fold

We're gonna knock you out

Timmeh said knock you out

You want to know how important the win over the Lakers was? I just felt an earthquake. I live in Los Angeles. 'Nuff said.

Join me after the jump or I'll butcher another classic rap song.

"It was a dark and stormy night. Our hero stepped outside, the sun blinding him. He could feel the breeze as he wasn't wearing any underwear. The air was still and dry. Suddenly, a giant ferret bit his arm off. There was worse to come.."

Sorry, I tried doing this in novel form but I suck at it.

What can be said after a win like that? Really, what can be said? A lot I hope, because I really don't know where I'm going with this.

* Big breath *

I woke up a little late because the night before I was watching the Malaysian Gran Prix and my favorite driver Alonso had started in 19th place due an error in qualifying meaning he had to work his way through the field which was made harder due to the fact that he had a gear problem which would make the engine go into neutral when he was downshifting to first gear and after a drive that could only be described as miraculous he had managed to get all the way to 9th place when my hopes went out in a big cloud of smoke, his engine blowing up in the second to last lap.

* Exhale *

Needless to say, I was pretty fucking pissed. So I needed this win like Milli needs Vanilli.


When I started watching the game, about 3 or 4 minutes into the first quarter, the Spurs didn't look that good. We had a small lead I think, but we were taking a lot of jumpshots and Gasol was killing us, the Spaniard imagining us as Indians in order to get pumped up before the game.

The offense wasn't attacking and thus we were making things easy for the Lakers. Our defense wasn't completely sucking balls, but as I said before, Gasol was having his way with us, and the magic 8 ball said, "Outcome looking shitty".

But then again, we have the Manu, and when you have the Manu everything is possible. We started attacking the paint, going after rebounds, just being more aggressive in general. Things started going our way and we opened up a lead of I don't know how many points.

One thing that also helped is that the Lakers bench is terrible, they had something like 4 or 6 points for the whole game ( If you want stats go to the Stats Shop, you come here for the stupid jokes and you know it).

Two things worth mentioning happened in the first half. Manu and Artest got into a little bit of a scrap and they were both given T's.Manu explained the situation as follow, " He got a little bit into me, so I got a little into him". TWSS, you bald-spotted awesome bastard.

Kobe, always wanting to be the best, got another T for telling the ref " Guess in how many ways I can kill a man with my bare hands? 24, that's why I changed my jersey number".

Also, Hill sprained his ankle after landing awkwardly on Fisher ( Why are you so evil Fisher?)and was out of the game. He will miss a couple of games, but he can always be found in my heart. Tony, when asked by some reporter what he thought when seeing Hill getting injured said, " I wanted to play * trademark Tony laugh * ". Apparently the French haven't mastered the art of PR.

End of the first half, we were up 48-40 and someone put an awesome half time fish thing that you should definitely read because I actually took the time to write and research that.


We opened up the third quarter on an 11-4 run and we had the largest lead of the game until that point, 59-44. Duncan was playing well and that's definitely good, maybe he was really saving himself for the playoffs. After all, you don't want to just to give up your play to the first team that comes around. I mean yeah you might be tempted to do that, and your hormones are definately telling you to do it. But think about it, do you really just want to play with the first team that comes to town? You might regret it and get a sprained ankle or something worse. It's worth saving yourself for the playoffs, kids.

Gasol had 13 points in the third quarter, Kobe had none. Just putting that out there...

The third quarter ended up tied at 19, and though it wasn't TQC, we could've definitely closed the quarter better and saved us some of the grief that was to come.

The fourth quarter started I don't know how because I was paying more attention to the comments than to the game. In some way or another the Lakers got the lead down to 2, which is a very very fucking annoying Spurs trend, to blow big leads.

Now, this is important. We had been playing decent defense, way better than earlier in the year. The Lakers managed to make a game out of it nonetheless. Earlier in the year, in games like this we would've folded like one of those really useful camping folding chairs. But this is what gives me the most joy. When the going gets tough, Manu gets going.

The Motherfuckin' Wizard took over the game, slapped the shit out of it, and told it to go clean itself up. On a series of layups, and ones, threes and free throws Manu scored 17 in the fourth to transform the game from close to blowout.

Timmeh had some really great plays during this stretch, including a pretty awesome and one when he was double teamed. In general all the Spurs made the right plays at the right time, except for Mason who's just a waste of space. This will be extremely important come playoff time, the ability to keep our cool and just do what's needed to win. I was very impressed by the way the Spurs handled the pressure against one of the best teams with a stellar home record.

We ended the fourth quarter on a 29-14 run and Lakers fans were booing the team and leaving early to their houses so they could write angry comments on many different forums. Sweet.

We out rebounded the Lakers 41 to 34, which shows we're hustling and really wanted this game. The Lakers shot an abysmal 24% from the three point line, and Kobe had 22 points on 8-24 shooting, courtesy of Bogans defense and probably Kobe just having an off game. We held the Lakers to 40% shooting.

Can't ask for more than that folks.

Manu ended the game with 32 points, and OVER 9000!!!!!! in awesomeness.




Do you ever see a storm and wonder the incredible power it contains within? Do you see a tornado and are just amazed at the sheer brutality of nature? That is what Sasha is as a player. A force of the universe that cannot be contained within the confines of a basketball court. A God among men, walking among us, flowers sprouting at his every step.

His hair flowing like a thousand Niagaras, his purple shirt a crude device to block the warm all-embracing light emanating from his innermost heart. His easy smile making every person seeing it feel a happiness they hadn't felt since their simple childhood years. His basketball skills impossible to describe, improbable to believe, refusing to be analyzed by stat gurus.

At the speed of a rat running really fast, he can switch his graciousness for a ferociousness not known since the Viking themselves were rainbowing and pillaging Europe. His white-hot rage consuming all within his radius, defeating foes and friends alike. A nuclear explosion in human form.

I will just say that we were very lucky to have escaped with our lives, and souls, intact. Let us hope that we do not cross his path in the playoffs, for the results could be eye-searing.

Also, this is his stat line:

6 0-3 0-0 0-2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Your 5 Stars:

MAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: 10-22 shooting, 32 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 steal, 1 pair of brass balls, and...I can't find his number of turnovers. Weird. He did everything he could to win the game, and was the crucial factor in the Spurs pulling away when the game got close.

Timmeh: 10-14 shooting, 11 rebounds, 4 assists. The old man is back.

Bogans: 2-5 shooting, 2-4 on threes. 6 points. His stat line isn't that impressive but he played very good D on Kobe and made some rather important threes. ( Hope you're reading this, Mace).

Bonner: The guys is just making the right rotations, making his shots and playing good defense. Yes you just fucking read that.

Star Jones: She inspires us all to lose weight.


"I don't want to let you go..."

"Luke, you have to"

"But you feel so right"

"Luke I am..."

"Noooo! Not again!"

"...Not gay"

"Oh Okay"

"Not that there's anything wrong with that"



We clinched a playoff spot motherfuckers, wooooooo!!!!!!

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