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Spurs Are Awful, Manu Is Awfulest

This game from now on should be referred to as Manu's Speedy Claxton game. The kind of game where you wish he'd get benched and his substitute could save us. I love Manu, but he was bad tonight. In fact, we were almost all bad.

It didn't look like we came to play tonight at all. Hell, it didn't look like we wanted to compete. We were lucky, thanks to Tony's energy off the bench, to be within 7 at the break. In fact, Tony looked very Manu-esque in the first half. He saw a team with nothing and he tried to put them on his back when he came off the bench. He succeeded in getting us to halftime in a great position despite a terrible team effort.

But then, halftime ended.

No, Manu didn't cost us the game. We were terrible as a team. However, his two quick turnovers to start the second half were the daggers in our back.

We started the second half with the ball and down seven. This is what the play by play looks like:

  • Manu turnover
  • Mavs two free throws
  • Tim missed shot
  • Kidd layup
  • McDyess missed jumper
  • Nowitzki made jumper
  • Manu turnover
  • Butler made shot

At the 10:07 mark of the third quarter, the game was over.

No Bright Spots

There really isn't anything positive to take out of the game. At all.

  • We got destroyed on the glass 52-41 giving up 14 offensive rebounds.
  • We shot terrible from the field at 36%.
  • We had a ton, 18, of turnovers.
  • We shot terrible from 3-point at 19% (3-19).
  • We sent the Mavs to the line 33 times.
  • Tim rebounded from his stinker on Sunday with 11 points on 3 for 9 shooting and 6 rebounds.
  • Tony, despite his strong first half, finished shooting 6-15.
  • Manu: Ugh! 2-7 shooting, 0-2 from 3-pt, 1 assist, 4 turnovers. A team worst -19 in just 18 minutes.

There aren't even 3 stars to give out. George was solid, again, but that's about it.