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DTOUR: Tonight's NBA Playoffs

Well, folks, even though our beloved Spurs aren't playing tonight, I imagine some of you basketball junkies will be watching the other Playoff Series. There are four games, including Lauri's favorite team (non-Spurs, of course).

Join us after the jump for fun and (the) games.

Here's the schedule for tonight (all times are Spurs time):

Christmas Deer at Predatory Birds - 6:00 pm on NBA TV

The Wades at The Hypochondriacs - 7:00 pm on TNT

The Injured List at Nash/A'm'a'r'e's House - 9:00 pm on NBA TV

The Thunderclusters at The Kobes - 9:30 pm on TNT

And since this is a DTOUR thread, feel free to talk about the random thoughts that entered your mind today, such as why can't weathermen accurately predict the current day's weather. I'm not asking for next Wednesday's temperature; I just want to know if I should grab a jacket before heading to work. Is it that hard?