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Toros Attempt to Win D-League Semifinals Tonight Against Vipers

So the Spurs lost last night to Dallas. Cheer up, little dude, it was Game 1--we're still on track. You know who else is on track? The mighty mighty Toros, that's who. Tonight is Game 2 of a 3-game series to determine who will advance to the D-League finals. Make the jump for a link to a (legal!) feed of tonight's game, highlights, and a little Gee love.

You can watch the game online via Futurecast (that name always makes me think of Minority Report; it sounds like the Precrime division decided to branch out into sports and start showing games before they're actually played, with the unintended consequence that sports then lose all meaning and disappear from the human experience, but I digress). There is a link to the Futurecast stream here.

By the way, y'all do know that Alonzo Gee got D-League Rookie of the Year honors, right? Past winners of this award are Utah Jazz guard/forward Othyus Jeffers (Iowa, 2008-09), Blake Ahearn (Dakota, 2007-08), Phoenix Suns forward Louis Amundson (Colorado, 2006-07), Detroit Pistons guard Will Bynum (Roanoke 2005-06), James Thomas (Roanoke 2004-05), Desmond Penigar (Asheville, 2003-04), Chicago Bulls guard Devin Brown (Fayetteville, 2002-03), and Fred House (Charleston, 2001-02).

Update: And in a new development today, the Vipers' Mike Harris was named D-League MVP.

For an excellent recap of Game 1, check out Ridiculous Upside.

Highlights of Game 1: