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Western Conference Playoff Scenarios Ver. 2

Updated chart and some other stuff after the jump.




1. Denver can no longer be the 2 or 3 seed so we won't be seeing them until the Conference Finals....LOL. Maybe we can beat them down next year.

2. Utah will get the 2 seed if we beat Dallas and they beat the Suns. Utah must win to get h/c in the first round. So must Phoenix though so their game is gigantic. There is also no chance of these two teams playing before the conference finals so there is no reason to hold anything back from the other team. Whoever wins also dictates whether they are in the Lakers, Nuggets, Thunder bracket or the Mavs, Spurs, and Blazers bracket. (ADDED) Most people would agree that the Spurs are more likely to beat the Mavs than the Thunder beating LA so Phoenix could play for the 3 seed for the chance at home court in the second round.

3. Phoenix looked good or Denver looked really bad last night. I'm starting to think Utah might be a better matchup than Phoenix with all of their momentum.

What I Am Rooting For Tonight

1. Spurs: Momentum and its the f'ing Mavs...

2. Warriors: The 6th seed sounds so much better than the 7 to me.

3. Suns: Very tough, but even with my doubts about them and Utah, I'm still slightly more afraid of Utah.


1. Lakers vs 8. Thunder

2. Jazz vs 7. Spurs

3. Mavericks vs 6. Blazers

4. Suns vs 5. Nuggets