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Timberwolves @ Spurs: Gameday Thread

So,once again, we're back to the old Spurs way of doing things - beat the good teams, lose to the not-so-good ones. It's too bad we're facing the worst team in the West(by record) tonight. Lineup and such, after the jump.

As always, check out the opposing point of view over at Canis Hoopus.

And now, something completely different:

Likely Starters

San Antonio Spurs

Home: 28-12
Minnesota Timberwolves
Road: 5-35
Garrett Temple* PG Jonny Flynn
Manu Ginobili SG Corey Brewer
Richard Jefferson SF Ryan Gomes
Tim Duncan PF Al Jefferson
Antonio McDyess C Darko Milicic
DeJuan Blair
Tony Parker
Kevin Love
Ramon Sessions


Cryptkeeper Bavetta Curtis BLAAAAIIIRRR Michael Smith

* = Tony Parker may return to the starting lineup, and George Hill might even return, but only Pop knows if that's today.

Key Matchup

Power Forward: Timmeh needs to dominate ealry to get us a big lead, then rest up late in the game while the bench guys take care of business.

Key to the Game

Take them seriously: See New Jersey game, Memphis game, etc.

Final Note

Please don't post any illegal feed links here. Spurs Radio is here if you want to listen to the game. If that's not working, or if you're looking for a video feed in your area, email us at