How to (not) Trade Tony Parker

Tony Parker is a great player. But when you consider what we pay him, he rises from the realms of just great, and enters the stratosphere where only truly exceptional players dwell.

I say the above in order to explain why I'm posting this:

If you are going to call for Tony to be traded, then you need to mention a SPECIFIC player you want in return, and not just a TYPE of player that we should get for him.


JRW is defending me? Woo hoo!

Otherwise, you begin a mostly fruitless argument. See, it's easy to look at what we need and think, "We should be able to get someone like that for Tony. Because Tony's great!" It's true. He is. But when you consider a) the Spurs' salary cap situation, b) Tony's contract and c) the contract of anyone that we would want to get in return, then the list starts to shrink to a very, very small group of players. To all of this, you must to add consideration of whether that list contains a Spurs-type player who could fit into San Antonio's system and excel on our team, and you start to understand the logistics of why RC and Pop haven't been shopping Parker around (not to mention things like loyalty, the desire to maintain some continuity with the roster, and not shopping someone just because they have a couple of bad games.)

So, can we agree to this? I know that it will take these talks out of the hypothetical and put it into the real world, but that's a good thing, right?

Finally, if you don't want to talk real-world, that's fine. Just say that you're speaking hypothetically, and we'll understand. Please take the advice of one who's tread on this particular snake before. I know whereof I speak.

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