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This is not a photo recap, just random photos from the Houston game. I was amazed at the color and clarity I get with my new camera. I still need to play with the settings some more, and I need to get used to the increased zoom for my action shots. Also the shutter button is not as "loose" of a trigger as my old one so I missed the optimum moment in a lot of action shots. My ticket rep is getting me in two hours before gametime tomorrow to watch shootaround and practice some action shots when there aren't as many bodies around. For now, just enjoy the first fruits of the new camera.


I bet Timmy's momma would like this sweet shot. He was relaxed last night - no big huge guys like Gasol, Lopez, and Garnett to have to bang around with.

Rage lays one in loooking right in the camera - thanks, RJ


During introductions, in a darkened gym, not a problem!


Timmy's wingspan


Luis Scola takes a hard seat after committing a foul


I shot this one with the old camera, just to compare the quality. Manu is shooting a three over the outstretched arm of his buddy Scola. You'll notice the grainy-ness in this photo.


In the fourth quarter I discovered I could take pictures in sepia tone. Bonner will like it that I can now give him an instant tan.


And, I can shoot in black and white. There's a little glow around RJ's head - like a halo.


So what's the camera: Canon Power Shot SX 20 IS - zooms to 20X, 12.1 megapixels.

More photos: - Facebook album

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