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Hornets @ Spurs: The Game Thread

Okay folks, we've got another game against New Orleans tonight. Join us after the jump for discussion about the game.

I saw this video on another site today and thought it was perfect on so many levels. So for all of my fellow engineers and any Rube Goldberg/Mousetrap aficionados out there, here's tonight musical selection:

I'm assuming Dice is going to start tonight. If he doesn't, it'll probably be Blolair.

Starting Lineups

Spurs Position Hornets
Tony Parker PG Darren Collison
George Hill SG Morris Peterson
Keith Bogans SF Peja Stojakovic
Tim Duncan PF David West
Antonio McDyess
C Emeka Okafor


Dan Crawford
Tommy Nunez Jr.
Leon Wood

Final Note

Please don't post any illegal feed links here. Spurs Radio is here if you want to listen to the game. If that's not working, or if you're looking for a video feed in your area, email us at