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Spurs @ Nets : Gameday Thread

This is the very definition of a trap game. A day after blowing out an elite team in their own building, the Spurs head to the moors of New Jersey to take on the worst team in the league*. A team that played them close a couple months ago, and might have even won if not for Ian Mahinmi's first appearance of the season being nothing short of awesome. By the way, Manu isn't playing tonight, which really sucks.

Remember to get the opposing point of view over at Nets Daily, the newest NBA blog on SBNation. Welcome them to the family - those are some diehard fans if I ever saw them.

* = Minnesota might actually be worse.

Likely Starters

San Antonio Spurs

Road: 18-17
New Jersey Nets
Home: 5-31
George Hill PG Devin Harris
Keith Bogans[?] SG Courtney Lee
Richard Jefferson SF Jarvis Hayes
Tim Duncan PF Yi Jianlian
Antonio McDyess C Brook Lopez
DeJuan Blair
Matt Bonner
Terrence Williams
Chris Douglas-Roberts


Cryptkeeper Bavetta Bennie Adams Haywoode Workman

Key Matchup

Point Guard: Remember back when Devin Harris struck terror into the hearts of Spurs fans? He hasn't looked that good this year, but he's still the same guy. George needs to continue his string of good performances, and keep his stock rising.

Key to the Game

Take them seriously: No matter how bad their record is, this is still a team full of NBA players. Also, they actually won two straight last week, so they've improved from that terrible start to the year. If nothing else, perhaps Yawn will take this game as seriously as he took the first one against the Nets this year. It'd be nice to get Timmy and Manu some rest, if possible.

Also, it's my birthday. The Spurs had better win this damned game.

Final Note

Please don't post any illegal feed links here. Spurs Radio is here if you want to listen to the game. If that's not working, or if you're looking for a video feed in your area, email us at