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PtR Quick Cap: Spurs Demoralize the Celtics, 94-73

This win can be summed up with one word: Manu. That's all you need to know. I'm in great danger of hyperbole while describing the Argentine's play, but realistically, can one overstate how Gino has played since the All-Star break? As RJ himself said (thanks to Lauri for the transcription):

I knew he was great, but you don’t fully understand how amazing he is day in and day out until you really play with him...

Once again, the man with no swagger took over the game, scoring 28 points, with 7 assists, a buzzer beating 3-pointer and 1 MASSIVE block on KG himself (Do yourself a favor and check out the FanShot of this on the front page). RJ also played great, adding a double-double to the domination with 16 points and 11 boards. Life is good right now for the inhabitants of Spursdom.

Boxscore and Highlights

George added 15 points (although his shooting wasn't great), but he is showing the ability to play a lot of minutes. Timmeh looked better with his shot. Yes, he only had 8 points, but that was on 4-8 shooting. Plus, he only logged 27 minutes, which is great for a FIGABABA. Blair grabbed more than his share of boards, with 11, and made up for his rookie mistakes with non-stop effort. Heck, everyone got into the game.

The ball movement on offense was spectacular tonight, with exquisite passing by Manu (expected) and RJ (not as expected). The Spurs' had 21 assists on 34 made buckets (over 60%) and corralled 14 offensive rebounds.

However, the stat of the night came on the defensive side of the ball. After a back-and-forth first half, San Antonio decided to play Spurs' defense in the second half, allowing the Celtics to score only 30 points in the last two quarters. It was the Celtics' worst home loss of the season - so bad, that the home fans were vigorously booing the men in green. The Spurs out-hustled the Celtics, coming up with the loose balls and rebounds, while maintaining the defensive effort we all know and love (and thought was gone forever). It was so beautiful, I almost cried tears of joy.

So the Spurs continued their good play of late, especially reassuring considering the schedule. It might be a little later than we fans are used to, but the Spurs playoff machine seems to be up and running. It should be a fun end of the season, constantly watching the jockeying in the Western Conference playoff standings.

And last, but definitely not least, to quote Fred:

We definitely took the battle of the Gingers.