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DTOUR: March Madness Round 2

Even though my team has already lost, and I'm heading the wrong way in the PtR bracket standings, there are still plenty of reasons to watch the NCAA Tourney. Will Ohio, Murray State, and/or Cornell continue in their quest(s) to be this year's Cinderella? Will Duke lose soon? Will Gus Johnson get to call a close game? Will Kentucky and Calipari have to vacate wins before the end of the season?

You may use this thread for the rest of the weekend. Since we're talking about the Big Dance, here's are some more fantabulous 80s musical selections to tied you over between games:

Yes, you'll never get this song out of your head.

Picked solely for its artistic merit.

Spot the future famous TV actress

I have several more videos I could torture everyone with, but I'll save those for later. And please have fun discussing any other random things, as with all DTOUR threads.