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Warriors @ Spurs: Gameday Thread

Oh look, a Spurs game. The last one was, ummm... Wait, there was a last game? I've been going through that therapy from Endless Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. OK, maybe that's just what I wish I had done. But you know what they say, when life (or the NBA schedule) gives you lemons...

Crap, who put Drew Gooden in charge of the metaphors?

Get the opposing point of view at Golden State of Mind. One of the better SBN blogs, if you ask me.

Likely Starters


Home: 24-10
Road: 4-28
George Hill PG Monta Ellis
Manu Ginobili SG CJ Watson
Richard Jefferson SF Anthony Morrow
Tim Duncan PF Corey Maggette
Antonio McDyess C Anthony Tolliver


Ron Garretson Matt Boland Derek Richardson

Key to the Game

Pop fighting his dark urges: Just look at that Dubs lineup - not exactly a lot of size on that team. Pop may like microball, and it may work sometimes, but it's not going to work against the coach who practically invented it. Don't adjust to Nellie - punish that small, soft team inside.

Final Note

Please don't post any illegal feed links here. Spurs Radio is here if you want to listen to the game. If that's not working, or if you're looking for a video feed in your area, email us at


Is Monta Ellis the Anti-Manu?

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