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Knicks @ Spurs: Game Thread

Yeah, the game is still two hours away, but we didn't make a preview. Let's do this.

Last time around, the zebras gave Gallinari the superstar treatment. That needs to not happen again. New York had been playing as if they didn't care recently (they lost by 20 to the Nets), until they beat Atlanta earlier this week. So, do I think the Spurs will win? Sort of.

Put your pregame discussion here.

Starting Lineups

Spurs Position Other Team
George Hill PG Sergio Rodriguez
Keith Bogans SG Tracy McGrady
Bill Walker
Manu Ginobili SF Danilo Gallinari
Tim Duncan PF Wilson Chandler
Antonio McDyess C David Lee


Sean Corbin Tony Brown Michael Smith

Final Note

Please don't post any illegal feed links here. Spurs Radio is here if you want to listen to the game. If that's not working, or if you're looking for a video feed in your area, email us at