The trade deadline has come and gone

This is the time of year when my obsession for football gives way to my obsession for Spurs basketball. To get into the spirit, I watched my 2007 Spurs Championship DVD this past weekend. I was reminded that there was a defining moment in that '07 season. With the trade deadline looming, Pop spoke to the team and said there would be no trades. It's worth mentioning that at that time, the Spurs were under intense pressure to make a move in order to keep pace with the, soon-to-be-67-wins, Dallas Mavericks. The very same Mavericks team that had bounced them from the playoffs the previous year. With their anxieties subsided, the locker room rallied together. As a result the team gelled and quietly flew under the radar. The Spurs finished the season by winning 24 out of their final 32 games. With three of those losses coming at the very end of the season with our starters resting and/or being ejected out of the game by an asshat egomaniac official for laughing. Yes, laughing.

I'm in no way saying that we're destined for a Championship. This is just my attempt at optimism in hopes that we finish the season strong. It's fitting that our team motto this year is Come Together.

I might sound naive and foolish but I genuinely believe that we have the pieces in place to make a serious run in the playoffs. Let's see what happens when this team our team relaxes a bit, gains a little confidence and starts having fun. I have a sneaky feeling that there are better days ahead.

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