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So Roger Mason Wants More Playing Time - Let's Help Him Find It

This thread boils down to a very simple premise - where do you think Roger Mason should go, and what can the Spurs get back for him?

My thoughts on the matter are this: The Spurs can get the most bang for their buck if they trade Roger to a team in need of true shooting guard, and more specifically a gunner. And the Spurs would be best served by getting a small forward as part of the trade - let's face it, RJ isn't the most dependable guy in the world(just ask his ex-fiance).

So, I got to thinking - what team out there has a need for a guy that actually fits the role of SG, while having too many small forwards? The first team that comes to mind is a division rival who lost out in the Brendan Haywood/Caron Butler sweepstakes. The Rockets. So, here's a couple scenarios I came up with.

Of course, it doesn't have to be a trade centered around a small forward. And, there's another division rival who has actively been trying to unload long-term contracts: the Hornets. This is one of the few situations where the Spurs could get rid of Richard Jefferson, as he would likely benefit greatly from Chris Paul's passing abilities, and the NOOCH would also benefit from shedding some of their long-term obligations.

But, let's not forget to look outside the division for some help. Why not shoot for the moon?

Or, why not go for a trade that's [allegedly] been discussed already?

And remember, the trade machine doesn't show draft picks or overseas player rights. So, let's see what you can come up with. Fire up the trade machine and share your results with the rest of us.