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2010 All-Star Game Thread

DeJuan had a heckuva Rookie game, so let's see how Timmeh does. I think the old man still can show the young'uns a few things or two.

With AI and Kobe out with injuries, Joe Johnson and Dirk are starting instead. The Most Ridiculous Man in the World should have a field day with that lineup in the West. But how's Dirk going to guard Johnson or James? Doesn't matter. There is no defense in the All-Star Game.

It's almost game time!

Starting Lineups

East Position West
Dwyane Wade G Steve Nash
Joe Johnson
G/F Dirk Nowitzki
LeBron James
F Carmelo Anthony
Kevin Garnett
F Tim Duncan
Dwight Howard
C Amare Stoudemire


Does Not Matter

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