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JRW & SiMA Podcast #2

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Some stats are like candy - they taste good for a moment, but they're immediately gone without giving you any nutritional value whatsoever. Or they're like popcorn that's almost stale; the first couple of bites might seem all right, but suddenly you don't want any more.

Then there are other stats. The ones that have meat on their bones. The ones that are like 7 course meals in themselves. Stats that put hair on the chests of men, and give women their hourglass figures. Stats that sustain communities and rally troops to victory. Stats like what SiMA brings to this week's JRW & SiMA podcast.

We discuss the biggest differences between last year's squad and this year's Spurs team. We look at Coach Pop's statement game, JRW gives out another gold star, and we look forward to the stories that will be posted in the coming weeks. And, oh yeah, there are the stats. We did not forget the stats. We'd never do that.

JRW & SiMA Podcast #2 from Josh Guyer on Vimeo.

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And a quick shout out to Josh for doing the editing, mixing and generally making these podcasts go. They really wouldn't be happening at all without him suggesting them and doing so much work behind the scenes. Thanks a ton, Josh.