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Game #30 Preview: Wizards @ Spurs - Recovering from the loss

So the Spurs are coming off their worst performance of the year. An embarrassing loss to the Magic on Thursday will hopefully motivate the Spurs to come out and lay a whoopin' on the Wizards. The Spurs will look to improve the defense, which was nowhere to be found against Orlando, against the hapless Wiz. Washington has traded away notorious head case Agent 0 (aka Gilbert Arenas) and has a new look team headed by our old hated foe, Mr. Howard. The Wiz have yet to record a road victory.



It's time to take that hammer and pound out another winning streak.

Hack preview after the jump:

Just got an update from Tim. The Wizards front court starting is suspended. Bullets Forever has the story. This should make this tough game for the Wiz even harder. Spurs should roll here today.

This makes me laugh.

Real song:

Sorry for the super hack preview. I'm working on an hour of sleep over the last 48. Here we go:

San Antonio Spurs vs Washington Wizards
Where: AT&T Center

When: 12/26/2010 at 6:00 p.m. Spurs Time - Timezone Converter
Watch: Fox Sports Southwest


By the Numbers

Data source:

Category Stat Rank
Offensive Rating 113.2 1st
Defensive Rating 104.8 11th
Defensive Rebound Rate
74.8 10th
Offensive Rebound Rate 26.2 15th
Field Goal Percentage 47.4 4th
3-Point FG Percentage 40.8 1st
Free Throw Percentage
77.6 11th
Turnover Percentage
12.7 3rd
Category Stat Rank
Offensive Rating 102.6 25th
Defensive Rating 109.7 24th
Defensive Rebound Rate
68.0 30th
Offensive Rebound Rate 27.6 9th
Field Goal Percentage 44.3 23rd
3-Point FG Percentage 32.7 28th
Free Throw Percentage
76.2 14th
Turnover Percentage 14.9 27th
Record Wins Losses
Overall 25 4
Conference 17 3
Division 4 2
Home 16 2
Away 9 2
Position Conference Division
Record 1st 1st

PG: Tony Parker
SG: Manu Ginobili
SF: Richard Jefferson
PF: DeJuan Blair
C: Tim Duncan

Key Bench Players
Antonio McDyess
Tiago Splitter
Gary Neal

Record Wins Losses
Overall 7 20
Conference 4 16
Division 1 7
Home 7 7
Away 0 13
Position Conference Division
Record 15th 5th

PG: Kirk Hinrich
SG: Nick Young
SF: Rashard Lewis
PF: Andray Blatche (suspended)
C: JaVale McGee (suspended)

Key Bench Players
Al Thornton
Hilton Armstrong
Josh Howard

Matchup Analysis

Point Guard
Shooting Guard
Small Forward
Power Forward


PG: Wall is a nice scoring PG, but he's about to meet the best scoring PG in the game. Oh yeah, and Frenchie McWonderbutt is passing too. Tony might have his hands full on defense, but he should get his.

SG: I like Henrich, I think he'd be a nice fit on the Spurs outside of how much he costs. That said, Manu Claus is off from Christmas and should be ready to dominate here. Manu should have his way with Henrich and Nick Young.

SF: This is a tough match up for Rage. Lewis is big and can spread the floor. I imagine that RJ will have a tough time stopping Lewis, but Lewis does have his moments of checking out of games.

PF: I'm giving this to Blair even though I know nothing of how good Blatche is or isn't. Blair has been playing much better of late and I'd love to see this continue.

C: Duncan didn't play too well against the Magic. I'd look for him to come out nice and rested and have a solid game.


Splitter, Neal, Bonner and McDyess against Josh Howard and friends. I'm going to have to go with the Spurs bench here. I'd love to see a lot more of Splitter over the next month.


CIA Pop is full of turkey. That can't bode well for anybody.


Really good team at home against what is a team without a road win.


Spurs are coming off of a bad loss and playing a bad team. Oh yeah, and they'll be rested.


Spurs win big

Key(s) to the Game

Key 1 - Defense - It's time for the Spurs to show a little defense against a bad team.

Other Reading


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Bullets Forever(SB Nation) -

Following Along




WOAI 1200AM; Audio League Pass[streaming]


As always, NBA league pass is recommended for those who are willing to pony up the cash. Almost every Spurs game will be broadcast there, which is especially helpful for those of us who aren't in the San Antonio area.

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UPDATE: McGee and Blatche are suspended from today's game.

UPDATE #2: It's being reported that Hill is going to be back tonight.