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QuickCap #29 - San Antonio Spurs @ Orlando Magic


Some PtR users are finding this loss really tough. This game is the SEGABABA, away, against a really good Eastern conference team. It would have been really bad if it were the first game after a 4 day break against a team below .500. Enough with the "doomsday" talk! We played some pretty terrible defense and our offense was not on par. The positive? Parker played 24 minutes, Manu with 19 minutes, Tim with 19 minutes. Things aren't as bad as it seems. It's just basketball, and we can't win them all. But we certainly we shouldn't be jumping ship with four losses on the season 29 games into the season.


Roll Call: Josh Guyer (completely deck), quincyscott, Tim C., jollyrogerwilco, Lauri, silverandblack_davis, SpursfanSteve, swgeek, Hipuks, SpurredOn, sleep research facility, day_late_friend, Argento, LatinD, theonlyromeo, bj1der, LionZion, TecateBoltsFan, r21x, transgojobot, spursfan87, audreypots, TD21, guille, xman130, Big50, In the 666, the little o, mission20, gunnin' gervin, LAL32, WaveOcean, pablitoo, Willie D, CapHill, matanp, greyberger, Joseph Parkes, canallon, LakehillsFan, freshtunarightofftheboat, M3D1T8R, KD1, JonnyJam, Kondor, Spurlady, tp_09, Manu-20, DrumsInTheDeep, Galfusica, 4Him, DocRostov, oragonakomanoyinmanila, alamobro, rank, TheNewGuy, cuentaluis1, bluesteelxvii
Total Users: 58
Total Posts: 2204
Total Threads: 4

Name # of Posts
gunnin' gervin 208
Hipuks 155
sleep research facility 154
day_late_friend 146
M3D1T8R 138
bj1der 122
freshtunarightofftheboat 94
CapHill 89
Josh Guyer (completely deck) 80
r21x 78
WaveOcean 73
silverandblack_davis 67
LatinD 60
In the 666 54
greyberger 48
Lauri 45
Kondor 44
tp_09 43
matanp 37
spursfan87 37
mission20 32
TecateBoltsFan 31
SpursfanSteve 30
DrumsInTheDeep 29
LAL32 26
KD1 25
theonlyromeo 25
the little o 23
Argento 17
Big50 15
LionZion 15
canallon 13
4Him 13
LakehillsFan 13
Willie D 12
Joseph Parkes 12
quincyscott 10
TD21 9
TheNewGuy 8
DocRostov 8
swgeek 7
Galfusica 6
rank 6
SpurredOn 5
audreypots 5
guille 5
JonnyJam 5
alamobro 4
Spurlady 4
pablitoo 4
Tim C. 4
Manu-20 3
xman130 2
bluesteelxvii 2
cuentaluis1 1
jollyrogerwilco 1
oragonakomanoyinmanila 1
transgojobot 1


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