Photos - Tony Shines in Another Heart-stopper

Memo to the Spurs: Time to stop this streak of close wins and go for the blowout, okay? Manu passed his hero's cape to Tony tonight, who responded with his best game of the year. (In the photo, Tony was responding with a bit of body language after he was called for a foul, as if to say "I didn't touch him.")

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The shots came easy for Tony tonight, but let's take a look at some other pretty offensive efforts, too.

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And a really great moment: Antonio slams one home! And Randolph and Arthur seems to be smiling for the poster.


And just a few random shots, some showing good plays, others just for fun.


Manu zips a pass to Neal - Neal drops in a nifty floater to make the highlight reel.


As Manu fronts Sam Young on this shot, Chris Quinn comes in for a rare block.


And Bonner greeted Darrell Arthur with this "High Five" on this shot. . .(yes, Bonner is out-jumping him!)




Marc Gasol has cut his hair, so the "Wolfman" nickname no longer fits. The guy behind me kept yelling, "Pau's better!" all night. At one point, Gasol grabbed the bottom of the net (flat-footed) and hung on for several seconds in frustration over a call.


I consider it a personal challenge to catch Tony with his tongue out on a shot . . . this is the best one yet.


Manu was poked in the eye late in the game, and asked the ref to give him extra time for a little recovery. He was not too happy . . .


I was SO ready to capture Manu's third winning shot in a row - perfect camera angle and everything. . .


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