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PtR Playbook - 12/12 Easy Layup vs Blazers

How did the Spurs get from this:


to this:


Join me after the jump to find out.

My favorite thing to write about for PtR are write-ups about plays. So here goes!

Today's play happened late in the 4th quarter. On the floor: Parker, Hill, Neal, Duncan, McDyess. And here is how it begins:


Neal receives a pass from Parker. Parker drives to the baseline as Neal passes to Duncan.


Parker curls around Hill's defender.


Hill slides to the other side of the lane, and Neal slides to the corner behind the 3-point line.

After this, Parker's defender tries to cheat and beat him around the cut. Seeing this, Parker stops on a dime and cuts back towards the basket.


Duncan notices Parker's defender cheating around the cut and passes to Parker for the easy layup. Hill's defender is also focused on following Hill, so his back is turned to Parker and misses the pass.


Easy play, easy points!