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A Fifth of Spurs: JRW & SiMA Podcast

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It's the inaugural JRW & SiMA show. Listen in as we analyze, dissect, discuss, and enjoy the first 20% of the Spurs' 2010-11 season. Yes, it's 16 games, one quarter, 7 minutes and 12 seconds of basketball game time goodness that's all fair game for comments from one of the blog's most curmudgeony elder-statesmen, and the PtR's head coach.


thanks to transgojobot for the otstanding art

(Click the image to see the larger version is all its glory)

Below you can access the podcast by clicking on the streaming Viemo link, or downloading the mp3 version for those who want to access it on their mobile devices, or save it for posterity.

A Fifth of Spurs - #1 from Josh Guyer on Vimeo.

mp3: A Fifth of Spurs #1