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Game #6 Preview: Spurs @ Bobcats

Preramble by Big50

The Spurs offense has been looking unstoppable, the defense, not so much. This trend has some writers thinking the Spurs have been passed by the Mavericks in the defense department. This of course is laughable and so is the reasoning, but it is clear that the defense is not up to the usual Spurs standard. I attribute this to several factors:

  1. The Spurs core is older. (Duh) They aren't as good as they once were.
  2. The Spurs defense is like an NFL offense. The beginning of the year is often low scoring in football, I think the opposite is true of the Spurs.
  3. The defense gets better through the year. The new guys are not yet comfortable with the system. See #2.
  4. Splitter will be a key and it didn't help that he missed so much time due to injury. When he gets it and starts contributing more minutes, the defense will improve.
So can the Spurs defense pick it up against the Bobcats and Capt'n Jack?

I did some "research" (and by that I of course mean I used Google to find out) on Bobcats. It turns out there is a domestic cat called a Pixie Bobcat. They are supposed to look just like a real Bobcat only smaller and they won't eat your children. Here is what a Pixie Bob (as they are called) looks like:



Fierce looking, I know.

Speaking of Pixies, here is an oldie, but goodie:

So the question becomes will the Spurs see the Bobcats or the Pixie Bobs tonight. Charlotte is 1-5 to start the season. I would think the odds are good that the Pixie Bobs are on the schedule. The real question is what happened to that team? One year ago they made a nice run to make the playoffs for the first time and now their record at lease indicates a reverse in fortunes. Of course these Pixie Bobs are having trouble scoring, which bodes well for the Spurs defense.

Preview by CapHill

San Antonio Spurs @ Charlotte Bobcats
Where: Time Warner Cable Arena, Charlotte

When: 11/08/2010, 6:00pm Spurs Time


By the Numbers

Data source:

Category Stat Rank
Offensive Efficiency 109.7 6th
Defensive Efficiency 106.1 15th
Defensive Rebound Rate
75.0% 10th
Offensive Rebound Rate 25.1% 19th
Field Goal Percentage 48.0% 4th
3-Point FG Percentage 38.2% 8th
Free Throw Percentage
76.0% 17th
Turnover Percentage
14.4% 15th
Category Stat Rank
Offensive Efficiency 101.2 24th
Defensive Efficiency 107.9 20th
Defensive Rebound Rate
76.7% 5th
Offensive Rebound Rate 23.3% 25th
Field Goal Percentage 46.1% 10th
3-Point FG Percentage 38.8% 6th
Free Throw Percentage
81.8% 5th
Turnover Percentage 18.9% 30th
Record Wins Losses
Overall 4
Conference 3
Division 1
Home 2
Away 2 0
Position Conference Division
Record T-3rd 2nd

PG: Tony Parker
SG: Manu Ginobili
SF: Richard Jefferson
PF: DeJuan Blair
C: Tim Duncan

Key Bench Players
George Hill
Tiago Splitter
James Anderson

Record Wins Losses
Overall 1
Conference 1
Division 0 1
Home 0 2
Away 1
Position Conference Division
Record T-12th 5th

PG: D.J. Augustin
SG: Stephen Jackson
SF: Gerald Wallace
PF: Boris Diaw
C: Nazr Mohammed

Key Bench Players
Tyrus Thomas
Shaun Livingston
Gerald Henderson

Matchup Analysis

Point Guard
Shooting Guard
Small Forward
Power Forward


PG: Tony has been playing well. His 16.8 ppg may not be at 2008 levels, but his FG% and assist numbers (8.4 per game) are great. The Wee Frenchman needs to take care of the ball a little better, but he should win this matchup against the former Longhorn.

SG: Most Spurs' fans have fond memories of the Captain, and at least from the stats, it looks like Jackson has been solid. Manu is Manu, although it wouldn't kill him to start hanging on to the ball either. But SJax is always a tough matchup, hence the star for each.

SF: Last year, there wouldn't have been a question as to who had the advantage: Wallace. However, RJ 2.0 is intent on proving last year was the anomaly - his shooting has been otherworldly. Due to Wallace's bigger rebounding numbers, I'm making this a tie.

PF: Diaw hasn't been great this year, but DeJuan has been awful. 26.5% FG shooting just isn't going to cut it, big guy. Maybe Blair finally breaks out of his funk tonight.

C: Current Spur vs. Former Spur, although Thomas plays more than Mohammed. Timmeh's numbers are better than those two combined, even though he's still slow on the PnR.


Georgeous played better against Houston, Anderson should be back (who know we would miss the rook so much), and Dice only had a double-double against the Rockets. Splitter is not in playing shape yet, but tonight might be a good game to get him a few more minutes. Other than Thomas, the Bobcats don't have a bench, averaging only about 10 ppg.


Larry Brown is a legend, but his team this year is not good. I'm sure Pop is already yelling behind closed doors about the defense, but he's managed to integrate a lot of new pieces rather quickly this season.


The Spurs played no defense against the Rockets and still won.


The Spurs are 4-1 and winning with offense, not defense. That's Mojo.


Charlotte is not a good team. The Spurs need to take this opportunity to work on their defense. It is an early game on the East Coast, but they should still prevail.

Other Reading


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Following Along


FSSW (San Antonio); SPSO (Charlotte); NBA League Pass


WOAI 1200AM; Audio League Pass [streaming]


As always, NBA league pass is recommended for those who are willing to pony up the cash. Almost every Spurs game will be broadcast there, which is especially helpful for those of us who aren't in the San Antonio area.

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