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'Chop Contest: Tiago's 'Suit Up' in Basic Black™

Hello there, PtR. Ya doing good? Good. How am I? Oh, I'm fine. Doing just fine, really. Got a proposition for you. See, I've been talking with jrw and we think that some of you out there have some skills that you've been keeping under wraps. And that's got to end.


The Socks. The Hair. The Legend. -- So much to work with.

Here's how we see it going down: we'll give you a week to come up with your best image of Tiago. The theme is Basic Black: that's it. So have some fun with it. Use your Photoshop talents and put them to use. Send them in to me and at the end of the week, we'll post the best of them in a poll thread, and let the site choose the winner. And the grand prize? Well, it's a Spurs Suit Up tee-shirt. Image of prize to follow. Not valid where prohibited by law.

So, get out there and start working. Grab your favorite image of our newest big man and let your creativity flow. Or find a picture and make something funny. It's up to you. Just keep it Tiago and Basic Black related. And may the best 'chopper win.