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PtR Motto Poll - update

Since near the beginning of time, The PtR motto has been:


Some have expressed an interest in seeing it change occasionally. Should it be an homage to Blair? Maybe tip of the hat to Tiago? A genuflect before Gary the rookie? Or should we recognize Bonner's recent three-party? Vote and/or leave your idea in the comments below. If a write-in candidate catches your eye, be sure to rec it so we can see what you like!

You've got one week (until November 29) to make your voice heard. Please don't miss this chance to make a difference.

[Ed: Perhaps now is the time -- with the leave the motto alone vote at nearly 2 to1 against all other options combined -- for me to mention that I consider the currrent motto to be the permanent motto. Any proposed changes would be temporary and short-lived (and likely on non-game days) for a change of pace only. Of course, the point might be moot, with the way the status quo crowd seems to be carrying the day. - jrw]