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QuickCap #9 - San Antonio Spurs @ OKC Thunder (GIFs, Box Score, Magic)

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gunnin' gervin 162
completely deck 134
Bakkie009 133
spursfan87 98
LatinD 92
jollyrogerwilco 81
DrumsInTheDeep 77
bj1der 74
swgeek 62
r21x 52
TDzilla! 52
Tim C. 51
sparking!!! 40
mission20 40
In the 666 33
Manu-20 32
Unclebob03 26
audreypots 23
the little o 22
Big50 21
shost 20
freshtunarightofftheboat 20
biolb 18
KA1Z3R 18
LionZion 14
quincyscott 12
Chilai 12
alamobro 12
CarBahia 11
pablitoo 10
Queness 10
M3D1T8R 10
Lauri 8
The Augustus 7
transgojobot 6
cryoscourge 6
canallon 6
TD21 5
set_aside 5
NotDeadYet 4
cojones2thewall 4
Jfndizzle 2
The Big Dam 1
Jacob Taylor Harrington 1
Alamo 1


Shiny things:




The Magic That Happened

Here are JRW's picks of the best comments from the Game Threads

Early in the game when Blair wasn't playing particularly well

im sorry guys, but im really starting to get tired of blair. Shouldnt he be making smarter decisions by now?? He forces it when he doesnt have it.


you try training a beast.

the little o

After Bonner tried a hook shot in the lane for his only miss of the evening

Matt missed b/c that wasn’t a 3


I was just thinking that. He plays the game with a longbow, not a sword.



In the 666

So does this mean that Bonner’s new nickname is TREBUCHET?


About Sean Elliot's post-game wrapup.

Sean credits the Thunder surrender to "too much Tony, too much Manu, and the Sauce of Matt Bonner."


The latest PtR meme, via



[BTW, I love the "for Rational Repair" tacked on to the end. - jrw]

The evening's tribute to the Red Rocket's performance. Posted by the little o:



Continuously updating thread, etc