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Really, I've been wanting to continue the Get To Know Your New Spurs posts, but I've held off in hopes that the first week of training camp would give me a better idea who might actually stick. Thanks to Spurlady and her recap of the Open Practice, we all saw the possibilities with the roster. Surely the first preseason game would just expand our knowledge? Nope. After last night's game, I'm no closer to figuring out who the primary SF backup is going to be, much less who's going to fill the empty roster psots. So rather than overthink this dilemma, I've decided to go with what America is famous for: Random Internet Polls!

So my fellow PtRers, which of the following illustrious personages would you like me to profile next? I will generally follow the poll results, until we either receive additional information or players start getting cut/waived/traded/coerced into buying Pop wine.