Thoughts on Open Practice

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Captain Oblivious and I attended the open practice today. Some thoughts after the jump.

Decent crowd for a pre-preseason game. The lower level was pretty full--they didn't open the box seats though. Last year's jerseys were 40 percent off in the fan shop, so I brought a Blair jersey home.

James Anderson seems bigger than the 6'6" that he is listed at. Standing next to Gee, who is also listed at 6'6", Anderson's shoulders seemed to be about 2 inches above Gee's. Given this, Anderson has the size to back up the small forward position.

Blair definitely looked sleeker--but he is still a big guy.

Manu and Tony led the silver squad, Tim headlined the black squad and was supported by Blair and Hill.

To the best of my knowledge the rest of the silver squad was Jefferson, McDyess, Anderson, Bonner, Penney, Gee, and Simmons, while the black had Anderson, Cousin, Gist, Jerrells, Neal, and Temple.

Hill looked great. He had 20 points and ran his squad well. Someone will complain that he only had one assist, but it won't be me. He scored when he had the opportunity and wasn't taking ill-advised shots.

Blair has definitely worked on his outside shooting. Late in the game, he had a beautiful shot from about 20 feet out that swished through the net. He also put in a couple little jump hooks closer to the basket.

Tim, Tony, and Manu all looked fine. Manu had a nice drive through a crowd for a lay in that we didn't see until the second half of last year.

Gist had a couple of dunks and played pretty well. He has the height the team is looking for and I think he outhustled Simmons.

Jefferson missed a lot of shots, but he looked more comfortable on the court.

Captain O thought that Neal showed good court vision and leadership.

Temple played solid perimeter defense.

None of the "shooters" were red hot today or even lukewarm.

Penney appeared to mess up his finger pre-scrimmage and had it taped up, so that may have affected his play, but he didn't seem to do enough to displace Neal.

Matt Bonner was Matt Bonner. He played well. So did McDyess.

Marcus Cousin was better than expected, probably not NBA ready, but a potential serviceable role player in the future. He would be a great D-league pick up for the Toros.

Gee didn't stand out one way or the other. He wasn't bad, but he wasn't great either. Based on today, we'd play Anderson ahead of Gee at the SF position.

Simmons is an NBA role player, definitely more polished than Gee at this point.

Our first cuts would be Jerrells and Penney.

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