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Preseason Game Thread #4: Spurs @ Cavaliers (in Pittsburgh)

Tonight, the Spurs will face the newly Lebron-less Cavs in Pitsburgh. It's a homecoming for DeJuan Blair, but the rest of our preseason starters have mysteriously disappeared after logging heavy minutes in Mexico City Tuesday night.

Join me in the beyond for a preview.

Preseason Game #4San Antonio Spurs @ Cleveland Cavaliers

Peterson Events Center - Pittsburgh, PA
6:30PM Central (SPURS) Time
Not Televised - Listen Here

Projected Starters

San Antonio Spurs

Cleveland Cavaliers
Curtis Jerrells PG Daniel "Booby" Gibson
George Hill SG Anthony Parker
James Anderson SF Jamario Moon
DeJuan Blair PF J.J. Hickson
Antonio McDyess C Ryan Hollins
Gary Neal
Matt Bonner
Ramon Sessions
Antawn Jamison


Who really cares?

The Spurs lineup above is my best guess, as our entire preseason starting lineup other than Blair is still in San Antonio today. The Cavs, as far as I can tell, aren't holding anyone out.

Key Matchups

Power Forward: DeJuan Blair is playing this game in his backyard, and JJ Hickson was a very hyped player last year. Let's see who's the most beastly of them all.

Bench Play: We don't really have all that much on our bench tonight, but maybe some of the guys that have been struggling(Temple, perhaps?) can find a rhythm.

Key to the Game

Avoid injuries: It's preseason, after all.


A couple months ago, I picked the Cavs to go to the playoffs despite the loss of Lebron. With Varejao out, I'm a little wary, but I still think this team is good enough not to take the insult of being beaten by the Beast and the Spurs B-team.


Watching/Listening to the Game

Please don't post any illegal feed links here. Check the "Listen Here" link above for audio feeds for this game. If that's not working, or if you're looking for a video feed in your area, email us at (IMPORTANT: please include your PtR username in the email). This game is not being televised by local media in SA or Cleveland, however, so it's very doubtful there will be any video feeds.

I bet if Lebron was still there we wouldn't have this problem.

A Look Ahead

Saturday night, the Spurs will be at home against Caja Laboral. Personally, I'm hoping we get to see Tiago Splitter don the silver and black on the court for the first time against his old club. However, this doesn't seem likely. Just make sure you're OK by the time the season starts, Tiago. On Monday, the Thunder come to town, which should be a fun game to watch(if it's on TV). Finally, on Thursday, the Rockets come to SA for a rematch of our first preseason game. That will be the last preseason matchup before Indiana comes to town for the regular season opener on October 27th.