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Pounding the Rock Gets Together, Oh Mama

Good ol' days

Well, the stars have finally aligned and we've set the schedule for the third ever official Pounding the Rock get-together. If you couldn't make it to the first two, shame on you - now's your chance to get to see Wayne's weathered mug in person.

The nitty-gritty, after the jump.

Whens you ask

Hurricane LatinD will be hitting mainland San Antonio on the 23rd. There will be four home games just before the rodeo trip starts, and that's when it'll happen. The schedule goes like this:

  • Jan 25 vs Chicago
  • Jan 27 vs Atlanta
  • Jan 29 vs Memphis
  • Jan 31 vs Denver

Thanks to the giving nature of a certain someone, we have 8 tickets for the Chicago game. Bell, WVATS, Queness and yours truly will be going, so there's 4 tickets left for whoever shows up. If more people decide to join us, they'll have to buy tickets, but I hope we can meet before and after the game to chat, get to know each other, and make fun of the Argentine who can't pronounce two straight words. (I think BlaseE and Big50 will be going. JanieAnnie, too, I imagine.)

So who's in?

I'll be going to the next two games along with WVATS, and probably on my own to the Denver one. I'm not a lone wolf kind of guy, so if anyone wants to help the widdle tourist pass the time before or after those games, please let me know. I'm open to just about everything - it's my vacations, after all.

NOTE from WVATS: For the Bulls pre-game and the Nuggets post-game, I think we should plan on meeting at Rosario's. For the Bulls, let's say 3:00. For the Nuggets, let's say 3:00. Yep, 3:00 it is. For the Hawks game, LatinD and I will be doing the media thing and will be tied up before the game for 2 hours and after the game for an hour.

And just when you thought it couldn't be topped

Wayne has also set up a PTR Toros Night for the 28th. It'll be in Austin, of course, and I expect to see Lauri there.

NOTE from WVATS: I'll give you guys the details on this as I firm things up. This should be a pretty fun one.

Life after the Spurs

When the Spurs hit the road, I'll be following them across the country in much cheaper flights/seats. These are the games that I'll get to watch, if everything goes according to my plan:

  • Feb 4 at Portland
  • Feb 8 at Los Angeles Lakers
  • Feb 11 at Denver

VWolf was going to be waiting for me at Portland, but he dropped off the face of the Earth. I'm flying solo.

Los Angeles should be fun, since I'm going with Manuwar and a buddy of his, but olf and Hipuks don't want to join us (antisocial bastards). Hopefully I'll be able to talk them into at least having a drink with us before or after the game, but we'll see. I remember someone else mentioned an interest in coming to the Lakers game, but I can't recall right now.

Denver is SiMA's terrain, so we'll be going together to this game. The one and only CapHill will join us, so it's already fated to be a great night.

All Star Finish

After the Denver game I'll fly to Dallas and rendezvous with Wayne again for the All Star Game. Wayne's trying to get me press credentials, but if that fails I will at least try to watch the dunk contest. Anyone going?

Bottom line

One of the reasons I'm going all the way to the States is to get to know all the good folks that keep me company throughout the year as we watch our favorite team play. If you can make it to the games, don't hesitate - I'll for one be glad to meet you and get to know you.

So don't be shy, and start marking your schedule.