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PTR Represent: Meet LatinD in Austin for $3

Details after the jump...

And updated with a priceless bit of info.

LatinD and I will be at the Austin Toros game this Thursday night to help them celebrate Hispanic Heritage night. The Toros are also circulating a petition, in conjunction with the Maine Red Claws, to help get former Toros' coach and NBA great Dennis Johnson in the Naismith Hall of Fame.

Tickets are available right now for $3. Why $3? Because that was Dennis Johnson's number. So come out on Thursday, meet LatinD, sign the petition, and watch some hoops.

$3. Call 512-236-8333 for tickets. Tell them Wayne sent you. They won't know what you are talking about, of course.

Update: Part of Hispanic Heritage night is that they will be recognizing children from essay contest and LatinD will be answering questions for the kids.