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PTR Quick Cap: Spurs Fail Band Camp

Back in my college days, I had a good friend who played in a metal band. It was thanks to him that I was introduced to this song. This was about the tamest thing he listened to, he was of the school that faster was better. At the time, his band was trying to make the jump from college band who played mostly covers at frat parties to doing real shows with their own songs. They had a few gigs in the smaller Bryan/College Station area that went well, and then were able to land a show at the Back Room in Austin. At the time, the Back Room was probably the preeminent metal club in Austin. This was a big deal.

My buddy looked a bit like Kim Thayill from the Soundgarden video linked above. He was a little introverted, very funny, pretty sharp, and a nasty good guitarist. He could flat out tear shit up. And like I said, he thought faster was better. Their band, Acid Bath, was your standard 5-man band. Singer, lead guitar, rhthym guitar, bass, and drums. My friend was the lead guitar. As part of their pre-show setup, they discussed their stage arrangement with the sound man. Who would be on which mic? You know, so the lead singer is the guy who's voice is featured instead of the guy who sings the "woo woo" backup vocals. And which side of the stage would be the lead guitar and which side would be the rhythm guitar.

I was at this show and it wasn't their best effort. I was mostly down on their sound because I didn't think the guitar was strong enough. As it turned out, my buddy told me that the sound guy had the rhythm and lead guitars switched on his soundboard for most of the show. During that pre-show discussion, they had said the lead guitar would be on the right. Well, they never talked about whether that was the soundman's right or the band's right.

So, for their big moment and 15 seconds of fame, they were not at their best. They weren't on the same page with the sound man. It came down to the details. Who's right? Your right or my right? Not being on the same page and not taking care of details pretty much sums up the Spurs efforts against the Jazz this year. In fact, I think it pretty much sums up this season.

Your Three Stars:

3. George Hill - George got the start and he was the only starter who was worth a damn. In fact, George's +2 is 14 better than the next closest guy, The Beast.

2. RAGE - He came off the bench for the first time this year and really provided a spark by hitting some 3's. Oh wait, he had ZERO rebounds and a ZERO +/- in 27 minutes? Scratch that.

2. McDyess - 9 rebounds in 22 minutes. That's good enough for me.

1. Manu - 22 points, 5 rebounds, and 8 assists. He was our one all-star caliber player tonight.